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Boiler Room

Boiler Room

Boilers are devices that use the sun and heat from the boiler to heat the water. They allow significant energy savings, as they store a large amount of water that can be used in many uses at home and in business.

Most of the water used in the house, in hotels, washing machines, hairdressers, etc. can be heated and stored in this way. Boilers, in addition to saving energy, contribute to the protection of the environment and improve living conditions.

The Rapid Circulation Boilers that we install have a capacity of 160, 200,  300, 500, 800, 1000, 1500, 2000 liters depending on the application and the requirements of the project.

Maximum operating temperature is 95 ° C.

  • ·       Outer casing made of PVC synthetic leather G ABC, high-strength lid
  • ·       Cold rolled steel water storage tank, with inner double enamel coating (GLASS) (160L to 2000L)
  • ·       Thermal insulation that minimizes heat loss, maintaining the temperature of hot water:

Expanded ecological polyurethane for capacities up to 500L

Soft polyurethane 80mm thick for types with a capacity of 800L to 2000L

  • ·       Available as inertia tanks (without heat exchanger). Electric resistor can optionally be used as additional assistance.
Model: ΤΗ04.020
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