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Atomic steel K20 oil unit

Atomic steel K20 oil unit
Atomic steel K20 oil unit

The steel individual unit is a complete autonomous space heating system that can cover a house or an apartment. It is made of durable steel. The covers are painted with electrostatic paint to ensure excellent appearance and resistance to the wear and tear of time. Externally, it is surrounded by a fiberglass coating with an aluminum coating for excellent thermal and sound insulation. 

Performance (kcal/h) 20,000-25,000

Width (mm) 450

Height (mm) 920

Depth (mm) 720

Chimney (mm) 100

Expansion Tank (lt) 8

Allowances (in) 1”



The thermo-hydraulic installer must check for:

A. The water level in the circuit (it may be necessary to vent it from all the radiators).

B. Any leaks at the connection points of the individual unit and the circuit in general.

 C. The pressure in the circuit and adjustment of the automatic payer to the desired pressure.

 D. Any leaks in the fuel supply pipes of the burner (in the case of oil).

E. The connecting parts of the flue gas pipe are well fixed and there is no flue gas leakage.

The burner technician must check:

 A. The correct electrical supply of the individual unit which must be done by a circuit breaker.

B. Adjusting the burner according to the needs of the installation (choosing the right nozzle), even if the individual unit comes with a burner from the factory.

 He must also post in the boiler room a form in which all the information for putting the installation into operation will be given.


1. In areas where low temperatures prevail for a long period of time or in facilities that operate for a short period of time, e.g. (cottages), place liquid antifreeze in the mains water to avoid freezing of the mains water and, by extension, damage to the individual unit and to the entire network. The amount of antifreeze is proportional to the amount of water in the installation. Ask your plumber for more information.

2. It is recommended to place the expansion tank outside the individual unit if possible.


The annual cleaning of the individual unit and the burner by qualified personnel is necessary, in order to provide us with a guarantee for economic and ecological operation.

Maintenance is best done at the end of the operating period.

The maintenance of the individual unit includes:

Cleaning the burner

Cleaning the luminal plate

Cleaning the combustion chamber.

Cleaning of flame channels and retarders.

Chimney cleaning.


In addition to annual maintenance, regular checks must be carried out, which are as follows:

1. Water level control of the network. and pressure on the automatic payer.

2. Check for leaks in the water and fuel network.

3. Check the status of the anode if it is present in the network

4. Check oil filter condition.

 5. Pressure control in the expansion tank.

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  • Model: TH02.022
  • Weight: 86.00kg
  • Dimensions (Length x Width x Height): 450.00mm x 720.00mm x 920.00mm
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