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External anode STOPCOR SOLAR

External anode STOPCOR SOLAR
External anode STOPCOR SOLAR

How does it work

 With the STOPCOR cathodic protection method with magnesium anode, voltage is applied through the sacrificial anode. (Cathodic protection)

The applied voltage covers and protects large metal surfaces with a much smaller sacrificial mass of active metal (anode).

The current is perfectly direct and compatible with its imposition on other metals because it is produced naturally. (Applied electrochemistry)

It charges the protected metals negatively, absolutely satisfactorily and while the surface was an anode of a galvanic cell, ie a negative oxidative pole, it becomes an electrolyte cell descent, ie a negative reducing pole.

The protected surface is still negatively charged but its action is reversed and it is predisposed to reduction rather than oxidation.

The applied voltage must be more than 1 volt and the voltage more than 10 mA.

STOPCOR is an anode for the solar water heater, which is easily installed outside the installation.

It replaces the magnesium rod (anode for the solar), which pollutes the water and is harmful to health.


• Easily installed, externally

• Does not come in contact with water

• Leaves no residue in the boiler

• Removes the magnesium rod that contaminates the water

• Applies voltage up to 1.5V

• Does not require power or batteries

• Provides complete protection against the sun

• Lasts 2 years

• Has a spare part

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  • Model: HL04.006
  • Weight: 1.50kg
  • Dimensions (Length x Width x Height): 15.00cm x 10.00cm x 12.50cm
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