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Forced Thermal Circulation Systems

Forced Thermal Circulation Systems

Forced Thermal Circulation Systems 

Economy - aesthetics-performance-autonomy

The rushed Forced Thermal Circulation Systems is the new application for the solar thermal energy of your home. The three main parts of a solar system are: the solar panels, the floor hot water storage tank (boiler room) and a special device with the pump and the automatic central control system (solar station).

The most important advantages of the solar system can be summarized as follows: Higher efficiency due to better transfer of solar thermal energy from the collector to the boiler thanks to the operation of the pump. Providing inexhaustible hot water 24 hours a day thanks to the smart operation of the control system of the solar station and the large storage capacity of the boiler.

By using accelerated solar circulation we achieve energy savings of 70% -100%, as the operating time of the boiler or the heating element is reduced depending on the sunshine of each area and the size of the system while at the same time the carbon dioxide emissions are reduced. The central solar systems are made of excellent materials according to international standards and have all the necessary certificates.

These systems are highly efficient and can be easily and quickly installed in either traditional or modern architectural structures providing free hot water for almost all year round in combination with other energy sources. Even in areas with low sunshine they achieve water warming, which contributes significantly to the reduced consumption of conventional energy.

Model: BU02.005
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