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Brand: TECH Model: ΤΗ04.018
ADELL manufacturing factoryCharacteristics:Material BrassCorner typeWith White HandleThread ½ ''DN 15Maximum temperature 110 ° degrees.Maximum nominal operating pressure 10 bar...
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Model: ΤΗ04.028
AutoHeat is a heating autonomous system for autonomy of radiators in homes and offices with central heating, by adapting electrical resistance with a thermostat to each radiator body. Without changing bodies, without disconnecting them from the existing heating network, so that at any time they..
Ex Tax:115.32€
Model: ΤΗ04.036
Magnetic gas filter Centramag 2 - Hydrocyclonic filter 3/4 ”The dual magnetic and hydrocyclonic filter Trappex Centramag 2 maximizes the life of your boiler. It has a two-way flow, strong magnet 10,000 Gauss in the center for optimal results (patent), 9 partition retention compartments and sewage se..
Ex Tax:78.22€
Model: ΤΗ04.012
IMIT bimetallic contact thermostat suitable for heating systems.Externally adjustable temperature.Temperature range 20 - 90 ΟcRated voltage: 230v2 contacts (NC)Differential = 8 ± 3KImpulse voltage 2.5KVDegree of protection = IP30Maximum head temperature 80 OcInstallation: in piping..
Ex Tax:8.87€
Model: ΤΗ04.033
Wall-mounted electronic thermostat with digital display type EU-294 is intended for control and regulation of room temperature This thermostat is designed to maintain the set temperature in the apartment by sending a signal to the heater (opening contact) with information about the room heating in r..
Ex Tax:28.15€
Model: ΤΗ04.034
Wall-mounted electronic thermostat with digital display type EU-295 is intended for the control and regulation of room temperature. This thermostat is designed to maintain the set temperature in the apartment by sending a signal to the heater (opening contact) with information about heating the room..
Ex Tax:44.27€
Model: ΤΗ04.026
Automatic oil combustion SIEMENS LOA 24.171B27Replaces LOA21Application in burners: R4, R6..
Ex Tax:55.65€
Model: ΤΗ04.008
Thermostatic expansion valve to protect solid fuel boilers from overheating.Opening temperature 95 ° C maximum thermal load 93kwWhen the valve exceeds 95 ° C, it opens and releases hot water while cold water enters the boiler to return to a safe temperature.When the water temperature in the boiler r..
Ex Tax:50.81€
Model: ΤΗ04.021
Double stainless steel hanger in dimensions 50 cm that perfectly combines the unpretentiousness of its design, with a material that is resistant to special natural damage (climate of Greek islands)...
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Model: ΤΗ04.035
Magnetic particle separator ITAP188 iMAG-XL 3/4 ''Particle separators are now part of a proper installation throughout Europe, so the Italian company ITAP is presenting iMAG today after detailed inspections of the market and facilities, ensuring the best possible features.· Correct dimensions for in..
Ex Tax:47.98€
Model: ΤΗ04.020
Filberto MagnetPlus Descaler  Magnetic salt breaker is the most economical solution to prevent the formation of salts in appliances such as: boilers, water heaters, hot water tanks for heating or use, washing machines, heat exchangers, etc.· Magnet Plus magnetic filters contain a strong pe..
Ex Tax:15.00€
Model: ΤΗ04.011
Setting range 0 ~ 60OcContact: 16 (4) A 250 VacProtection: IP54Manufacturer: INDUSTRIE TECHNIK..
Ex Tax:33.87€
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