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Air conditioners

Air conditioners

Air conditioners for every room, for cold or heat. Choose the air conditioner that best meets your needs and keep your office or home at the ideal temperature.

The choice of an air conditioner consists of many parameters, such as the types of air conditioner, the choice of power (btu), the inverter function, the energy class, the noise and the energy marking.

Before you decide on the model you want to buy, pay attention:

1. To have inverter technology for increased efficiency and longer life of air conditioner

2. Energy class A and A ++ for power saving

3. How much btu do you need: indicatively the correspondence of btu and square meters is as follows

• The 7000 btu cover space up to 14m2

• The 9000 btu cover space up to 18m2

• The 12000 btu cover space up to 25m2

• The 18000 btu cover space up to 35m2

• The 24000 btu cover space up to 50m2

4. The noise of the unit. It is measured in decibels and on the label of the air conditioner there are 2 values, one for the indoor and one for the outdoor unit. If the outdoor unit is near your window, make sure it has relatively low noise levels.

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