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Panel Wood boiler C-SFBC

Panel Wood boiler C-SFBC
Panel Wood boiler C-SFBC

Modern solid fuel boilers require specialization and complete control in their operation in order to perform to their maximum potential. The C-SFBC is the ideal complement to any wood-fired boiler for demanding users. Incorporates the most specialized techniques in wood burning to maximize thermal gain and eliminate any kind of malfunction. Its studied design allows it to serve boilers for detached houses as well as small buildings of multiple properties.

Wood Burning Requirements

Burning wood is particularly demanding when it comes to ensuring quality heating. SFBC tackles all problems in the most effective way:

 Overheating - The speed of the blower is adjusted proportionally and not in steps. This prevents any symptoms of overheating.

Corrosion - The temperature is constantly monitored and maintained at a point that prevents corrosion.

Deposits - Adjustable operation at designed thermal limits eliminates the possibility of deposits.

Unwanted extinguishing - The operation of SFBC is based on 2 analog areas corresponding to normal and reduced capacity. Thus the reduced heating requirement means adequate maintenance of combustion and not extinguishing.

Fuel Waste - SFBC identifies with specific criteria when the heating requirement has disappeared and ceases to operate, saving wood.

Modes of Operation

SFBC adapts to any installation, whatever operating logic it follows, because it has 5 independent operating modes:

Autonomous operation

Operation with exclusive effect of room thermostat

Connection with room thermostat and detection of heating requirements

Connection with room thermostat and time off delay

Connection with MP-RW thermostat for complete control of the boiler from space


Digital design with unlimited lifespan

Control of the combustion blower (proportional) and the circulator.

Overheating sound alarm

Frost protection of the installation

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  • Model: ΤΗ04.023
  • Weight: 3.00kg
  • Dimensions (Length x Width x Height): 500.00mm x 300.00mm x 60.00mm
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