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Inaction tanks

Inaction tanks

The inertia tank is a very necessary element in heating systems, whether they are pellet boilers, wood boilers, heat pumps, energy fireplaces, wood-burning boilers or oil-gas boilers. They offer very high fuel economy, due to the fact that the boiler does not need to operate during the time that the circulation of hot water is done by the water stored in the inertia tank.

The inaction tanks operate in the same way as above for cold water storage (instead of hot) with the only difference that instead of being connected to solar panels or a boiler, it is connected to water coolers. And here we achieve energy and money savings due to the fact that although the motor of the refrigeration machine has stopped working, the pump continues and transfers cold water from the inertia tank.

Inertia tanks are essentially water storage tanks (extra space) (hot or cold).

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