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Buffer tank TANK IN TANK

Buffer tank  TANK IN TANK

The tank-in-tank combines an inertia tank for storing heating water and a boiler for producing domestic hot water. It offers maximum system performance while saving space and money. Allows the use of up to three different heat sources as well as optional electrical resistance.

For the greater efficiency of the heating systems but also for the simultaneous production of hot water, the installation of a tank-in-tank is required so that the system has a better efficiency with simultaneous fuel economy and production of hot water. Tank in tank containers are a combination of inertia tank and vertical boiler room boiler. There are tank-in-tank containers without exchanger, with one exchanger or with two exchangers for heating using two heating systems at the same time, such as the boiler and the assistance of the system by solar panels.

The tank-in-tank inertia tanks are equipped with 100mm removable insulation in order to keep the water hot for a long period of time and to save fuel and energy by combining the positives of the inertia tanks of the boiler rooms.

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